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The Podcast Matters School

For Podcast People

Why Did I Start This School?

Every day I interview business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. I've done over 1,000 podcast episodes in the last year alone. 

Depending on when you read this, I'll likely be over 1,500 episodes...

Many of the people I interview ask me to help them launch their own podcast. My ultimate goal is to help people spread their story and message. So of course I started helping people one by one. I figured, the more people I can help start podcasts, the more people I would help spread their message. Mission accomplished.   

But then things got a little out of control. See, I like many have a habit of over committing. It got to the point to where helping people launch their own podcast was taking up more time than I had for the project. 

So I was faced with two choices. 

One, tell people "no" I don't have the time to help them. 

Or, create a podcast school for those who want to launch a podcast or continue to grow their reach for an exiting podcast they already have.


Obviously, I wanted to continue helping people, so the school was born.  

What Makes This School Different?

First, this course is NOT designed for people looking for a way to make a quick buck. 

The community is designed for busy professionals who have always wanted to podcast but have never had the time or "know how" to get started. Another group who will benefit are the "part time" podcasters who can't quite figure out how to grow their audience.  

While I'm not claiming that I've seen all podcast courses made, I can tell you that when I was just getting started it seemed like all of the courses were really long and felt like part time jobs to complete. Well I wasn't looking for a part time job, I had a business already, I just wanted to podcast. 

So my commitment to you is that each lesson I bring will be straight to the point. Most videos will be under five minutes and many times will be two minutes or less. Why? Because you don't need to hear me drone on. You just need the information so you can act. Less time learning and more time in action is what will grow your podcast. 

Finally, it's kinda weird for me to say this, considering I had almost 14 years of wealth management experience under my belt before going full time into media about 3 years ago, but - this is what I do for a living. 

This is not a "side hustle" for me. I get paid to podcast, not just to teach. Why do I tell you this? Well, to be up front, you want to learn from someone who lives what they are teaching. You don't want someone experimenting with YOUR time. 

What Do You Get? 

Well, I guess it is WIIFM (what's in it for me) time. Well if you have read this far, I guess it means you are pretty serious about starting a podcast or growing an existing one. So I'll keep it short. 

If accepted into the program you will receive the following: 

1) Access to The Podcast Matters School video library. I update this with a new video at least 2-4 times a month. Again, because I live in the podcast world I learn all the time, and only share with you the best.  

2) Access to the Secret Facebook Group "The Podcast Matters School" where you can connect with other podcasters. This group is also the ONLY place you can view live podcasting tips that I stream.


3) Access to our WEEKLY Q&A webinars. Each week I host a 1-hour webinar where you can ask questions about your podcast, marketing or anything else related to the podcast world. 


4) Finally, you will receive a one-on-one 45 minute podcast strategy session. The goal of this session will be to layout the blueprint for what "type" of podcast will make most sense to achieve your podcasting goals. If you have an existing podcast, it will be to evaluate your current podcast and opportunity areas.    

Next Steps

Want more information on whether or not "The Podcast Matters School" is a good fit for you?

1) Schedule a "Podcast Idea Review" call to discuss your podcast idea


2) If your podcast material is a good fit, you will be admitted into the Secret Facebook Group and given access to the video library and WEEKLY Q&A webinars


3) Finally, you will also be scheduled for a one-on-one 45 minute podcast strategy session.



Schedule Your Podcast Idea Review Call

Secret Facebook Group

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